Slide Lite


Customer Rating

Talk about a showstopper – this baby’s got it all.

Just slide the face of the lighter down and presto, you’ve got a light. We know – it’s pretty darn cool.

You’ll literally never go back to a normal lighter after you’ve tried the Slide Rite. With 3 awesome colors to choose from, we’re sure this will be your favorite lighter for years to come. Not to mention the sheer fun of just sliding it up and down – it’s like a fidget toy for adults.

Plug it in to charge with the included mini-USB charger and you are good to go. Just slide down the front of the lighter and the metal coil glows red hot! Use it just like you would a normal lighter.

Makes the perfect gift for the person who has it all. Trust us – they have never seen anything like this before.

All dopelites are built to last with long-lasting battery life, mini-USB charger included, gift box, and machined finish. No butane, lighter fluid, or refills to ever worry about again.

Small enough to fit in your pocket. Big enough to stand out from the crowd.

Measurements: 2.7” inch (h) x 1.3” inch (w) x 0.4” inch (d)
Weight: 73.6 grams
Material: Zinc Alloy
Power: Mini-USB rechargeable
Charge Time: 2 Hours
Battery: 170mAh
Features: Wind-Proof
               Slide Down Switch
Included in Package: Gift Box
                                 Slide Rite (lighter)
                                 Mini-USB Charger


Blue Haze, Charcoal Mist, Golden Sky